"Hello world !" as we used to say in 'C'.
In 'C' we could shoot ourselves in the foot. Later on 'C++' emerged, and we could even reuse the bullet.

Vector magnetotellurics, vertical and horisontal low frequency seismography, high resolution synthetic aperture pictures (from astro to microscopy), soundfiles (from helicopters to chambermusic), electronics projects (from nanoVolts to megaAmps), etc. are hidden below this extremely boring surface... Even data from my four 3 axis force balance long pendulum seismometers, placed across the country, can be enjoyed.

Maybe you just get a deep-link, but if you are my friend, you may be granted full access to all the secrets of this magic site.

Some day you may meet me at Årjep Ålkatj-Jekna, on the north-bank of the 1470 lake. Just wave your hand, and cry out the magic word from the Colossal Cave Adventure game, and we will teleport to the top of Skårva Tjåkkå, where I will prepare you a cup of steaming fresh coffee.

Bo //